Airs No Oceans Keep

(2015) 15’
for piano trio


The inspiration for Airs No Oceans Keep came from the following extract from Emily Dickinson’s poem I think that the Root of the Wind is Water :

I think that the Root of the Wind is Water,
It would not sound so deep
Were it a firmamental product,
Airs no Oceans keep — Mediterranean intonations,
To a Current's Ear
There is a maritime conviction
In the atmosphere.

Articles & reviews

★★★★ ‘the disc abounds with a certain vividness of colour and expression… Mark Bowden’s piano trio Airs No Oceans Keep is a marvellous evocation of water, from light dancing on waves to bristling sea shanties’ / Kate Wakeling / BBC Music Magazine
★★★★ ‘an ambitiously expansive piano trio’ / Erica Jeal / Guardian
‘a very atmospheric and successful piece’ / Enid Luff / Composers of Wales Editorial